KHAMM pneumatic reverse hammer

Innovative development of the Khamm company for removing diesel injectors




By using a practical approach, we were able to arrive at an optimal design of the hammer for efficient extraction of injectors without damage. Besides the hammer itself, we provide the product complete with everything necessary for the task in a Box.

    The device has no parallel when working in conditions of limited space, especially under the hood.

    Created in Ukraine and for our service conditions, launched in a small series in 2017.
    This development is original and protected by a patent of Ukraine. It can be considered one of the innovations of 2017



As a practical application, a pneumatic reversing hammer can be used to remove corroded diesel injectors from the cylinder heads. The effectiveness of the tool has beenverified through Tests mainly at car service centers.



Standard Equipment Set and COST

The Standard Equipment includes:

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    Pneumatic Hammer KHAMM

    + Banjo fitting and Cone Nut (connects both the hammer to the adapter and the hammer directly to the piezo nozzles)

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    Bosch Nozzle Adapter

    In addition, the kit includes a clamping nut of the adapter system for Siemens, Continental injectors

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    Siemens, Continental Nozzle Adapter

    Also, the kit includes a clamping nut of the adapter system for Siemens, Continental injectors

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    Air Blow Gun and Filter

    The hammer comes with an air filter, a main line and a gun for adjustable air supply

* the package also includes a shockproof case for storage, an operating manual and a warranty card


Special Privileges for our partners

We value and respect the relationship with our regular partners and are always
welcome to new distributors. At the moment, we work to order.
Our product is in great demand and its production and storage requires timely
coordination as the production capacity is not yet enough to cover all demand.

If you wish to become our new partner, we invite you to negotiations. In this manner, we
will agree on terms acceptable to both parties. The conditions are selected individually according to your wishes and the Quantity of product you are ready to sell



We have collated for you a list of questions most frequently asked by our customers.
Here you can find answers to most of your Queries.

  • Why do you need a pneumatic hammer?

    The pneumatic reversing hammer is designed to easily remove tightly seated nozzles from the wells of the cylinder head of diesel engines.

  • What is essentially required to use the pneumatic Hammer ?

    For the effective operation of the hammer, a compressed air line with a pressure of 7-10 bar and a flow rate of not less than 500 l/min is required. The air must be free from water and condensation. It is desirable to have a lubricator in the compressed air line that does not throttle the flow. In the absence of a lubricator, it is possible to lubricate the internal parts of the hammer by periodically pouring a small quantity of oil through the lubricating hole in the top cover.
    Attention: a part of the oil will be thrown out due to the air flow after the hammer starts working

  • How is a Pneumatic hammer used ?

    ● Hammer installation:The pneumatic return hammer is screwed directly onto the fitting part of the DELPHI injector (thread M14x1.5), which is pulled out, or by using an adapter. Adapters are included in the kit to match with the internal thread of the body of BOSCH or DENSO injectors with removed electromagnets.
    ● Air supply:A hose from the compressed air line is connected to the nozzle fitting. When compressed air is supplied, the device starts working automatically, pulling the injector nozzle out of the well.
    ●  Process Control:It is recommended to avoid sudden supply of compressed air in order to prevent the device from malfunctioning. Impact intensity and frequency can be controlled by using a tap on the trunk.
    ● Nozzle movement:It is necessary to control the movement of the nozzle. It is recommended to shut off the compressed air without waiting for the nozzle to completely exit the well.

  • What are the technical specifications for the Air Supply ?

    Working pressure, BAR: 6 - 7.5
    Average air flow, nl/min: 350-450

  • What is included in the tool kit?

    ●Pneumatic hammer● Banjo fitting●Taper nut (connects both hammer to adapter as well as directly the hammer to piezo nozzles)● Clamping nut of the adapter-nozzle system for Bosch nozzles● Clamping nut of the nozzle adapter for Siemens injectors● Clamping nut of the nozzle adapter for Siemens injectors ● Adapter for Bosch injectors● Adapter for Siemens, Continental injectors● Storage case● Operation manual